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Latest news

23 February 2017
Bristol and South Glos. councils have won almost £500,000 to design a Clean Air Zone for our area, and I hope to be part of the Parliamentary joint committee to look at this.
After Bristol passed its Budget last night, Kerry asks the PM to meet with Marvin Rees, the Mayor of Bristol, and fund Bristol fairly.
Last week, Kerry attended a UN oceans summit in New York.
Kerry backs measures to make British Overseas Territories publish public registers so that we know who really owns the companies who are registered there, which hold up to £26tn off shore.
Following incidents on Saturday which left supporters needing medical treatment, and saw a match official arrested, Kerry backs Bristol Rovers' chairman Steve Hamer's call for a full investigation.

Latest tweets

At packed public meeting for #NoMacinF, 24/7 drive thru & restaurant on Fishponds Road. Appeal will be heard 20th April.
@jazzycatbristol think best bet would be for person who saw them to report to wildlife crime unit at local police.
Yes, discussed with constituent at surgery friday, also attending lobby and meeting constituent today, https://t.co/JN6ugYrCTi

The week ahead

Week beginning 20th February

In Parliament this week business includes the remaining stages and Lords' amendments on various Bills, motions on the police grant and local government finance reports, and the draft Social Security benefits uprating order. Oral questions include Work and Pensions, Foreign Office, International Development and Transport, and on Wednesday Kerry has been drawn to ask a question of the Prime Minister at PMQs.

On Monday there is a lobby of parliament by EU citizens living in the UK who are quite rightly concerned about their right to remain here post-Brexit. The EU Withdrawal Bill is in the Lords, where Labour has tabled a number of amendments. Also on Monday there is a debate in Westminster Hall on whether Donald Trump should be given the honour of a state visit to Britain.

On the Select Committee front, the Environmental Audit Committee continues its inquiry into chemicals regulation and Brexit, while the Environment Food and Rural Affairs Committee takes evidence on labour shortages in the food and farming sector. Kerry will also be speaking at a Food Waste conference on Thursday.

Kerry is co-sponsoring Anna Turley's Animal Cruelty (Sentencing) Bill, which is listed for a Second Reading this Friday, and will be attending a couple of events to help promote it. She will also be popping in to an RSPCA event on banning the sale of primates, and the Marine Conservation Society's "Celebrate UK seas", as well as attending Greener UK's parliamentary reception, meeting with Global Witness and supporting MQ, the mental health charity's "We Swear campaign".

In Bristol Kerry has a series of meetings on Friday, and on Saturday will be taking part in several events in Fishponds, including a craft fair at Fishponds Old Library, a public meeting in opposition to the McDonalds planning application, and a street protest calling for action on the dangerous Hockey's Lane road junction.

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