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Welcome to my website. You can use this site to find out how to contact me, or to find out about me and Bristol East. 

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27 July 2017
The Supreme Court was correct to yesterday rule, in a case brought by the trade union Unison, that fees for employment tribunals are unlawful, Kerry says.
Speaking during a parliamentary delegation to the US focusing on UK-US trade, Kerry calls on Liam Fox to rethink his comments on food safety.
With a £3 million funding pot open for charities and community groups, Kerry encourages local organisations to apply for funding from the People's Postcode Lottery's Dream Fund.
Responding to the Government's announcements on air quality, which were forced by the courts, Kerry calls for measures which are both stronger and sooner.
After being the first MP to call on the Environment Secretary for a ban, Kerry welcomes the announcement that the UK intends to introduce the strongest ban anywhere in the world to date.
This wee, Kerry met with Cancer Research UK to discuss ways that cancer rates can be tackled in the Bristol. Within our city, the wait for radiotherapy is longer than the national average, with nearly 4% of people having to wait over 30 days for this vital treatment.
Some people cannot wait for US-style industrial farming to come to the UK. After Brexit, there’s a real danger of lower environmental and animal welfare standards, along with risks for food safety too.

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@marcocondren As if I'd throw away a good flapjack.
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@mandi247 Have been talking to Council a lot about Scotland Lane over past year, and possible works - can you email… https://t.co/XdJyAkIVj6

The week ahead

Week beginning 24th July

Parliament is now in recess, and will return on Tuesday September 5th. Brexit negotiations will of course continue. The EU Withdrawal Bill - formerly referred to as the Great Repeal Bill - was published shortly before recess and MPs will be spending the summer break scrutinising it in fine detail. Kerry will also be using recess to catch up on local meetings, e.g. with the Police & Crime Commissioner and Chief Constable; with the Council to discuss its budget consultation; and with the Feeding Bristol steering group. Kerry will also be spending some time in the USA with the British-American Parliamentary Group, meeting members of Congress and other lawmakers, with a particular focus on UK-US trade talks and a post-Brexit deal.
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