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- 13 June 2018
Last week I dropped into the Campaign for Real Ale’s Parliamentary Reception. I’m pictured here holding a can of Drink Moor Beer, which, I’m told is the first real ale to be available in a can – and is brewed in Bristol. I’m happy to support CAMRA’s work, as pubs are such an important part of our local communities. I helped support an application for a new micro-pub in Bristol East, which is now open in Fishponds. I have also been closely involved in trying to support our grassroots live music venues, which includes a number of community pubs across Bristol.
- 08 June 2018
It was a pleasure to go to the St Marks Road Grand Street Iftar last night in Easton alongside my colleague Thangam Debbonaire MP for Bristol West. The event was attended by hundreds of people from all walks of life, and I am immensely grateful to Bristol’s Muslim community for putting on such an excellent event.
- 07 June 2018
I’m sending out a Brexit Business Survey to companies across the constituency. As the negotiations continue - and with the Government seemingly unable to agree on this issue of the greatest importance - I want to make sure that businesses in East Bristol have a voice when it comes to Brexit. If you run a business in East Bristol and want to complete a survey or let me know what you think, please get in touch with my office to find out more.
- 05 June 2018
Kerry McCarthy 5 June at 10:34 · Please see a link to my May newsletter which includes my question to the PM on child obesity; an update on Brexit; my question to the Education Minister over poor student mental health provision; the bid to make Bristol Channel 4’s new home; the campaign to reduce Parliament’s plastic usage; my health service survey; and the things that I have been up to in Bristol.
- 05 June 2018
I was glad to be able to speak in Monday’s debate on ending the UK fur trade. It is an abhorrent and unnecessary industry which causes a huge amount of suffering for the animals involved. I’ve seen videos of supposedly ‘ethical’ fur farms in Finland where foxes have been purposefully bred and overfed to have huge folds of excess skin – causing deformed legs, breathing problems and even DNA damage. Fur farms were banned in the UK in 2000 on the grounds of public morality, so why do we continue to support the industry abroad by allowing imports of fur products into the UK? The sooner fur is banned the better.
- 30 May 2018
This is brilliant news, we will keep working to try and make Channel 4's move to Bristol a reality! ??
- 26 May 2018
Volunteers’ Week is fast approaching! Held from the 1-7th of June, Volunteers’ Week is an annual chance to celebrate the contribution volunteers make to their communities. From running charity shops, providing support to people who need it, or working in a community organisation, the work volunteers do is crucial and deserves recognition. Most volunteering opportunities can work alongside work or family commitments, and I would encourage anyone who may not have thought about it to consider volunteering in the future. Have a look at events local to you below #VolunteersWeek
- 25 May 2018
Today, Ireland is holding an historic referendum on the eighth amendment of its constitution, which effectively bans abortion. A Yes vote in this referendum would #Repealthe8th, allowing the Government to legislate on terminations. Ireland currently has some of the most restrictive abortion law in Europe, and as someone who supports a woman’s right to choose, I am supporting the campaign for a Yes vote. It’s thought that if the Yes campaign is successful, the Government will legislate to allow abortions in cases of medical emergency, fatal foetal abnormality, when there is a risk to the life of the mother, and also up to the 12th week of pregnancy. I appreciate that this is a sensitive and divisive issue, but I believe it’s only right that any woman whose physical and/or mental health could be placed at risk by pregnancy has the option to have an abortion. This is a human right and it is vital that Ireland’s law is brought up to date. You can stay up to date with developments and
- 23 May 2018
Today, I asked the Prime Minister about the failure of Government’s childhood obesity strategy, with the publication yesterday of a report by Public Health England (PHE) showing the food industry has failed over the past year to hit its target to cut sugar in food by 5% – achieving just a 2% reduction. Shockingly, Britain now has a higher proportion of children classed as obese at the age of 11 than America; one in three British children is overweight or obese by the time they leave primary school. It’s as serious a public health problem as smoking, with obesity associated with higher rates of heart disease, diabetes and cancer, and is particularly affecting children from low-income backgrounds. The PHE report also found that 68% of the top 20 food companies have either made no progress, or increased sugar in their products. In comparison, sugar in soft drinks has reduced by 11% - a direct consequence of the tax on sugary drinks. The message is clear: only when there are real con
- 23 May 2018
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