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- 28 January 2017
In her last speech in the House of Commons before her murder last year, Jo Cox MP argued that Britain should do more to bring an end to the war in Syria – reminding us that, as the eighteenth century Bristol MP Edmund Burke said, ‘sometimes all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.’
- 28 January 2017
Theresa May failed to condemn Trump's latest executive order - which may impact British dual citizens.
- 27 January 2017
Ahead of the Prime Minister's meeting with the new US President today, the Environmental Audit Committee - of which Kerry is a member - has called on her to raise issues of climate change.
- 27 January 2017
Kerry encourages all of her constituents to reflect on and show support for this most important of days - and remember the victims of the Holocaust, and all subsequent genocides across the world.
- 26 January 2017
Kerry recently met with the Council's energy service to find out about home insulation measures and others which can make homes and businesses more energy efficient.
- 26 January 2017
After Theresa May's speech last week made no reference to the environment, Kerry has co-signed amendments to the Government's two-line Article 50 Bill which would ensure environmental protections will not worsen after Brexit.
- 25 January 2017
An elderly woman was hospitalised after an attack on Monday lunchtime in Eastville Park - if you were in the area at this time and you have any information at all, please contact the Police know on 101.
- 24 January 2017
The Supreme Court has ruled that the Prime Minister cannot trigger Article 50 without an Act of Parliament. Kerry wants your views on this, ahead of a Bill being introduced.
- 23 January 2017
Kerry appeared on the Sunday Politics yesterday, sharing her views on both President Obama's legacy and the new American President.
- 22 January 2017
Kerry signs a joint letter to Theresa May about the importance of the single market
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