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- 01 November 2017
Bristol has just been named as a UNESCO Creative City of Film, in recognition of our excellence in creative and cultural pursuits and our place on the international film stage! With studios like Aarman Animations, BBC Bristol, Bottle Yard Studios, and 11 international film festivals all based in Bristol, it’s clear to see why we were chosen. Hopefully those responsible for making the decision on Channel 4’s relocation are paying attention…
- 01 November 2017
The Autumn Budget marks a major opportunity for a Government keen to rebrand itself as on the side of the ordinary person struggling to get by after enduring years of slow economic recovery and austerity. I, alongside my Labour colleagues, have repeatedly been making the case that the Government should put more investment into the economy to provide for people’s needs and to ensure sustainable and inclusive growth. As recent economic indicators show slow growth, a fall in retail sales and a construction industry still in recession, and wages still often lower than they were in 2008, it’s clearer than ever that a change of tactics is needed in the way we approach the economy.
- 31 October 2017
It was great to speak with the Cable about farming and food policy, and the environmental impact of us leaving the EU. I’m glad they’re giving coverage to these really important issues.
- 31 October 2017
On Friday Parliament will debate whether the voting age should be lowered to 16. Are you a 16 or 17 year old and think it’s important that you are given the vote? Let me know why at
- 31 October 2017
It was great to attend the United Against Puppy Farming rally, which was held to coincide with the Paws 4 Thought 36 hours of action, and meet the puppy Plum Pudding! Members of the public, campaigners, MPs and rescue organisations came out to show their support for banning both the practice of puppy farming, and the sale of puppies through pet shops and puppy dealers. Thousands of puppies are bred in unlicensed puppy farms every year. These puppies most often grow up in cramped and dirty conditions, with the puppies suffering from infections and chronic health conditions, as well as abuse and inhumane practices at the hands of their breeders. Allowing these puppies to be legally sold in pet shops is allowing these practices to continue and grow. I am therefore urgently calling on the government to ban puppy farming, and to ban all sales of puppies through pet shops and puppy dealers. #UnitedAgainstPuppyFarming
- 30 October 2017
It was good to be able to attend Macmillan’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, an annual fixture encouraging people to get together and talk about all the issues people living with cancer have to deal with. This year’s theme was life after cancer and the fact that “Just because the hospital appointments and treatments are over doesn’t mean that life goes back to the way it was before a cancer diagnosis” This is not just about practical support or physical care for those who have had cancer, but also attention to their mental wellbeing, with counselling if needed. A cancer diagnosis is a traumatic, life-changing experience, and being given the all-clear after treatment doesn’t necessarily mean that someone has fully recovered. Macmillan does a great job in supporting people not just while they have cancer, but afterwards too.
- 29 October 2017
Every Sunday in November Bristol’s 2k Challenge will be happening in parks across the city, including in Eastville Park in Bristol East! The aim is to get as many 4 – 14 year olds running as possible to encourage exercise and good health. Check it out here -…/bristol-2k-challe…/
- 29 October 2017
Voting for The Aviva Community Fund awards is open! They will provide funding of up to £25,000 for local community projects across a range of categories such as health & wellbeing, skills for life and community support. Valuable schemes such as improving the community forest school facilities for Chester Park (…/project/view/17-3337) need your vote! You have 10 votes in total and you can choose to give all 10 to a single project or split them between a number of projects. Search Bristol to see local projects, vote here -
- 27 October 2017
I recently met with Paul Gentry, father of Izzy, a student at St Brendan’s Sixth Form whose life was tragically cut short by Meningitis B. It was humbling to meet with Paul and see his determination to raise awareness of this horrible illness, so that more young lives are not lost in future. I am pleased to be able to support his efforts, most recently by raising the issue of Men B vaccination at Prime Minister’s Questions. Paul and I, along with my colleague Jim McMahon MP and fellow families of meningitis victims, will soon be meeting with the Secretary of State for Health to discuss what more the Government can do to take action on this. I encourage you to watch and share the Meningitis Now video of my meeting with Paul, which aims to raise public awareness around the symptoms of Meningitis and what concerned individuals can do to lobby their MPs about this important public health issue.
- 26 October 2017
In March this year I voted against the triggering of Article 50, which started the clock ticking on our exit from the EU, because I simply did not believe the Government was ready to do so. It hadn’t done its homework; hadn’t clarified what kind of Brexit deal it wanted; wasn’t prepared for negotiations. As each day goes by and the chaos at the heart of government is revealed, I become more and more convinced I was right to do so. I am not the only one. "If you wanted to avoid being screwed in the negotiations in terms of the sequencing, if I can put it brutally, you had to negotiate with the key European leaders and the key people at the top of the institutions and say: ‘I will invoke Article 50, but only under circumstances where I know exactly how its’ going to operate’. That’s not what we did." - the UK's former top Brussels diplomat Ivan Rogers.
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