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- 11 August 2017
Making CCTV compulsory is a step in the right direction to ensure slaughter houses are complying with animal welfare law, and workers aren't inflicting unnecessary cruelty. I was an early supporter of this campaign, having seen terrible footage obtained by undercover investigations, but until now the Government had refused to act, so this is very welcome news.
- 10 August 2017
Kerry is thrilled to hear from blood cancer charity Anthony Nolan that 714 Bristol East constituents are on the stem cell donor list. But we can still do more.
- 05 August 2017
I welcome the Government’s announcement that it is putting £3.4 million towards improving roads in the West of England, and in particular, that Scotland Lane, in Stockwood, is one of the roads scheduled for improvements. A crucial road, Scotland Lane is the direct route from Stockwood to Brislington schools, Saint Brendan's College and Bristol Park and Ride, and used by many people getting to work in the morning, but has regularly flooded, meaning long detours. I've been pressing the Council about this, and backed the bid for extra funding. I hope improvement work begins on this road, and others, very soon.
- 04 August 2017
Tories drop their manifesto promise of free school breakfasts
- 04 August 2017
The European Union’s Scientific Committee on Veterinary Measures Relating to Public Health found the use of growth hormones in beef production pose a potential risk to human health. Following our withdrawal from the EU, future trade deals with the United States may put this common sense precaution into jeopardy.
- 28 July 2017
With electrification works cancelled across the north and in Wales, despite Crossrail 2 securing funding, it looks doubtful that the line into Temple Meads will ever be electrified, says Kerry.
- 27 July 2017
The Supreme Court was correct to yesterday rule, in a case brought by the trade union Unison, that fees for employment tribunals are unlawful, Kerry says.
- 27 July 2017
Speaking during a parliamentary delegation to the US focusing on UK-US trade, Kerry calls on Liam Fox to rethink his comments on food safety.
- 26 July 2017
With a £3 million funding pot open for charities and community groups, Kerry encourages local organisations to apply for funding from the People's Postcode Lottery's Dream Fund.
- 26 July 2017
Responding to the Government's announcements on air quality, which were forced by the courts, Kerry calls for measures which are both stronger and sooner.
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