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- 15 July 2017
The long-promised electrification of the Great Western line into Temple Meads was deferred last year, and although Government ministers have repeatedly refused to confirm or deny it, it seems clear that the electrification plans have now been ditched.
- 15 July 2017
Local people are building a group to replace the previous Neighbourhood Partnership. If you live in Brislington, you would be welcome to come along on Monday evening.
- 13 July 2017
Kerry met with numerous international development charities, and also asked the Government a series of questions relating to water, sanitation, and hygiene.
- 13 July 2017
Kerry joins MPs in Westminster Hall to support calls for changes to the organ donation system, to bring it in line with that of Wales.
- 12 July 2017
Kerry calls for more resources and asks the Government what it will take for them to realise how stretched emergency services are, after Avon Fire & Rescue has lost a quarter of its force's jobs since 2010.
- 11 July 2017
Many thousands of people, including several of my constituents, were infected with Hepatitis C and HIV from NHS blood products in the 1970s and 80s, and sadly, many have since died as a result.
- 10 July 2017
Proud to have voted for equal marriage, and conscious that there is more to do, Kerry marks Pride in Bristol and pledges to keep supporting LGBT people at every opportunity.
- 07 July 2017
Following a report by the IPCC, systematic failings must be addressed by the police and others, Kerry says.
- 06 July 2017
Plans for 100 more affordable homes in Fishponds - brought about after Kerry, the Mayor, and local councillors met with the developers - are another step towards tackling the housing crisis in Bristol, says Kerry.
- 30 June 2017
Together with Bristol's other MPs, Kerry presses the Government to allow local councils to raise more moeny to pay for new housing and improving existing homes.
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