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Kerry attends City Hall summit on housing

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05 March 2017

On Thursday, I attended the Big Housing Conversation hosted by Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol, and discussed the need for social and affordable housing with tenants, local agencies, developers, and councillors. I also heard more about Marvin’s five-point plan to tackle the housing crisis in our city.

Housing issues often dominate my e-mail inbox and postbag, and are something which I have raised in Parliament, and so I welcome Marvin’s proposal to put £175 million into a new Housing Company, owned and operated by the Council, with a further £45 million for new council housing – on top of retaining, rather than selling off, existing council housing.

The Bristol Post is right to describe this as the ‘first significant investment in public housing in Bristol for two generations’ and I am confident that it will play an important part in tackling the housing crisis.

Read more here.


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