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Kerry welcomes ruling on employment tribunal fees

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27 July 2017

I welcome the ruling by the Supreme Court that fees for those bringing Employment Tribunal claims are unlawful. Congratulations to Unison for all their hard work in this campaign; this is a major victory for workers and access to justice.

Removing these fees is a crucial step to ensuring workers are able to take legal action against employers using exploitative and illegal practices, without being at fear of being left out of pocket. Since fees were introduced in 2013, cases going to Employment Tribunals plummeted by over 70% as workers were scared off by charges of up to £1200 for seeking protection. This clearly demonstrates discrimination against workers and let unscrupulous bosses off the hook.

I know first-hand from casework the impact a lack of access to justice can have. Although the Government’s decision to refund up to £32 million to the thousands of people charged for bringing claims is welcome, there will be many more who couldn't afford to bring claims who will never see justice done.


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